The Daily Soundcheck Episode #37-06/18/1994 and 11/25/1994 UIC Pavilion, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL (All Things Reconsidered>How Many More Times>Poor Heart>Chicago ’94 SC Jam>Dog Log”)

Episode 37 is a little different. We have reached our first official Live Phish soundcheck. I have linked the Spotify Playist of both of the Chicago 94 soundchecks. Since they are official they will not be included. 06/18/1994 features “All Things Reconsidered”, “How Many More Times”, and “Poor Heart” and 11/25/1994 features “Chicago ’94 Soundcheck Jam”, and “Dog Log”. Included in the podcast is a hilarious interview that took place the same day 06/18/1994 with Danny Bonaduce on 97.9 The Loop. Check out this link for the actual soundchecks. Show Page 06/18/1994 and 11/25/1994 Show Page 06/18/1994 and 11/25/1994

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