The Daily Soundcheck Episode #24-02/22/1993 The Moon, Tallahassee, FL

One of the most fun and unique soundchecks takes place in episode 24! “Guy Forget”!!!! A full run through and jam! After that the first time Phish ever tried to play “Nellie Kane”! “Sample in a Jar” finishes things off. This is Phish history people! I have also included “Guelah Papyrus>Secret Language Instructions>Guelah Papyrus” where Trey tries to teach the Florida noobs. Show Page Song History Guy Forget Show Page

360 pics of The Moon

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #22-02/18/1993 Electric Ballroom, Knoxville, TN

Episodes 22 features the famous Electric Ballroom show where someone spilled beer on the soundboard and fried it. The soundcheck is all over with “Shaggy Dog”, an excellent “Quinn The Eskimo” with a jam, a bunch of banter about a bet, and “Sample in a Jar”. I have included the moment the beer hits the soundboard during “Mound” and a Trey work of art during “Foam” Show Page Show Page

The Daily Times Piece on Electric Ballroom

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #21-02/17/1993 Benton Convention Center, Winston-Salem, NC

Ever wanted to hear a reggae-blues Marley infused “Dog Log”? Well in episode 21, Phish makes your dreams come true. After a 9 min “Dog Log”, there is “Sample in Jar” in a very raw form and a couple of takes on “My Friend, My Friend” with Trey on acoustic guitar. Fun stuff! Show Page Show Page

Recording by John Moore and seeded by Kevin Shapiro

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #20-12/13/1992 Le Spectrum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


In Episode 20, I talk about the sad state of the Le spectrum Theatre being demolished, before I play you the hilarious soundcheck. The soundcheck is “Dog Log>Jam” which has the band talking about The White House Lawn, Watergate, and Richard Nixon. All with a good groove underneath. Also included is a bonus “David Bowie” which as sick “Tweezer Reprise” type jam.  Recording by Pete Shapiro Show Page Show Page

Images of Le Spectrum

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #19-12/05/1992 The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL

Episode 19 features a seriously diverse soundcheck. “The Wedge Jam” starts things off with a super cool groove. “My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own” with another short jam is next. After that “Jam” (or really the “Roll Away Brad Jam” is a real treat. Goofiness yet still great jamming. “My Sweet One” and “Dog Log” close things outs. A great all around soundcheck! Show Page Show Page

The Vic Theatre

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #18-04/07/1992 Fine Arts Auditorium, Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO

Episode 18 brings us into the wonderful world of 1992 bass recordings. This extremely Mike heavy recording features a super cool soundceck of “NICU” with some reggae roots. The bonus track is an absolutely annihilated 8 min version of “Split Open and Melt”. Let Mike guide you before this thing melts your face off. Show Page Show Page

Fort Lewis College Wiki

Trey Speaking About Drug Court


The Daily Soundcheck Episode #17-03/19/1992 The Palace Theatre, New Haven, CT

Episode 17 features a soundcheck with a ton of variety. “Shaggy Dog” gets goofy, it is followed by a 10 minute jam that is referred to as the “Andrew Jam”, then “Lullaby of Birdland” then “Mound” and finally “Maze”. Yeah this thing has a little bit of everything. Show Page Show Page

Todd Ahrens

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #16-12/06/1991 McCullough Social Hall, McCullough Student Center, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT

Ever wondered what 10 cent beer night would sound like at a Phish show? Episode 16 explores how Phish responded to a night when people killed 7 kegs of free beer and stage dove during “Tela”. Soundcheck is great and includes “Memories”, “Dog Log”, “Blues Jam”, “Shaggy Dog”, and “Makisupa Policeman”. Bonus is “Whipping Post” with Jon Fishman on a fret-less guitar pissed off. Show Page Show Page

10 Cent Beer Night Wiki



The Daily Soundcheck Episode #15-12/05/1991 Greenfield Armory Castle, Greenfield, MA

In Episode 15, we get some laid back jams and some laughs. We open with “Shaggy Dog”, then “Jam->Cavern Jam” and finish with “Blues Jam”. A clip from “I Didn’t Know” opens the show and the bonus track is “Cavern”. Show Page

Greenfield Armory