The Daily Soundcheck Episode #40-10/31/1994 Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY and 12/29/1994 Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI

Part 2 of our Live Phish 1994 soundchecks goes down in Episode 40. 10/31/1994 Glens Falls has the “Glens Falls Soundcheck Jam” which is killer, and 12/29/1994 has “Funky Bitch”. Our bonus is “Reba” from 10/31/1994 Glens Falls. Make sure you check out the spotify playlist for the linked live phish soundchecks.

Glens Falls Civic Center for Phish

Glens Falls Show Page

Glens Falls Show Page

Providence Show Page

Providence Show Page


The Daily Soundcheck Episode #39-05/07/1994 The Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX and 06/22/1994 Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, OH

In Episode 39 we go back in time. I missed four official soundchecks in 1994 so we cover two in episode 39 and will cover two more in episode 40. In episode 39 we have the Bomb Factory “Dog Log” soundcheck and the “Columbus Soundcheck Jam”. The bonus material is the entire “Mike’s Groove” from Columbus which features the incredible “Simplefest”.

Bomb Factory


Bomb Factory Show Page

Bomb Factory Show Page

Columbus Show Page

Columbus Show Page

Veterans Memorial Page from Touring Ohio

Veterans Memorial Columbus

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #38 11/19/1994 Indiana University Auditorium, Bloomington, IN

Welcome Back!! Episode 38 is a real treat! The soundcheck is a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Fixin to Die”. The bonus material is the entire after show bluegrass set that took place in the parking lot in front of the Phish tour bus. Some amazing stuff!

Bluegrass Parking Lot Setlist
01. Blackberry Blossom (in progress)
02. Tennessee Waltz – Rev sings
03. The Old Home Place – Mike sings
04. Dooley – Rev sings – lead-Trey, Mike, Jon is saying the “dooley”
05. Mountain Dew – Rev sings
06. John Hardy- Mike sings/Trey asks Brad for his fiddle
07. banter
08. Sweet Baby’s Arms – Rev sings Phish sings backup. guitar lead by Trey
09. Long Journey Home – Rev sings lead on first verse
Trey sings second verse – guitar lead Trey –
Jon sings third verse
mandolin break – Jon – zambi happens
10. Little Tiny Butter Biscuits(written by Rev Mosier)
Trey on fiddle / zambi happens
bus driver says “no flash photograhy” on the bus PA
11. I’m Blue I’m Lonesome – Phish with Rev/jew’s harp – ?
12. Midnight Moonlight – Rev sings – Phish and crowd
13 . Will The Circle Be Unbroken -Rev sings lead – bus engine starts. bus blows horn to leave Show Page Show Page

Parking Lot Show Page on

Parking Lot Show Page on


The Daily Soundcheck Episode #37-06/18/1994 and 11/25/1994 UIC Pavilion, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

Episode 37 is a little different. We have reached our first official Live Phish soundcheck. I have linked the Spotify Playist of both of the Chicago 94 soundchecks. Since they are official they will not be included. 06/18/1994 features “All Things Reconsidered”, “How Many More Times”, and “Poor Heart” and 11/25/1994 features “Chicago ’94 Soundcheck Jam”, and “Dog Log”. Included in the podcast is a hilarious interview that took place the same day 06/18/1994 with Danny Bonaduce on 97.9 The Loop. Check out this link for the actual soundchecks. Show Page 06/18/1994 and 11/25/1994 Show Page 06/18/1994 and 11/25/1994

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #36-08/24/1993 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

It’s all about this jam!!! Episode 36 feature a 10 min opening “Jam” that is something special. Must hear. From there we get another take on “Leprechaun”, another outstanding “The Wedge” and finally a crazy “Funky Bitch”. Excellent soundcheck! Show Page Show Page

Commodore Ballroom History






The Daily Soundcheck Episode #35-08/17/1993 Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS

Hot DAMN Episode 35 brings the heat!! Don’t let the 12 min run time of this soundcheck fool you, this is awesome! “Jam->Shock the Monkey (Peter Gabriel)” and “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”. A killer killer jam. Bonus is an absolutely awesome “David Bowie”.                                   Show Page Show Page

Memorial Hall Wiki




The Daily Soundcheck Episode #34-07/18/1993 IC Light Amphitheater, Pittsburgh, PA

Episode 34 is so much fun! “Buffalo Bill”, the beginnings of “Guyute” (which wouldn’t be played for another 15 months), “Pungee->Dude of Life Medley”, “Train Medley”, “Funky Bitch”, and “Bass Jam”. This baby has jams, rarities, and medleys! Show Page Show Page

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #32-05/05/1993 Palace Theatre, Albany, NY

Episode 32 brings a raw cut of “Give a Little Bit” and then some great stuff during “Poor Heart Blues” which all works in “Funky Bitch Blues”. The Soundcheck ends with a nice version of “Brother”. The bonus track is “Cavern>Take the “A” Train>Cavern” encore. Show Page Show Page

Palace Theatre Wiki