The Daily Soundcheck Episode #32-05/05/1993 Palace Theatre, Albany, NY

Episode 32 brings a raw cut of “Give a Little Bit” and then some great stuff during “Poor Heart Blues” which all works in “Funky Bitch Blues”. The Soundcheck ends with a nice version of “Brother”. The bonus track is “Cavern>Take the “A” Train>Cavern” encore. Show Page Show Page

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode #30-04/29/1993 Le Spectrum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Finally in episode 30 we have our first all jam soundcheck! The “Reggae Jam” is a 16 minute smooth as hell groove. I have included the “Run Like an Antelope” from this show that will type 2 you for a bit then rip your face off. Show Page Show Page


The Daily Soundcheck Episode #29-04/17/1993 Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI

Episode 29 is a bit on the wild side! A 4 min intro from “YEM” kicks things off. The soundcheck has a ton of music from The Who. “I Can’t Explain” is followed by “I Can See For Miles” and “Sparks”. The Soundcheck concludes with “L.A Woman”. I get into some serious bonus material with “I Didn’t Know” from the following night at the Michigan Theater where fans and crew are brought on stage to talk about what they though about the previous night encore. This is some of the funniest banter in Phish history! Show Page 04/17/1993 Show Page 04/18/1993 Show Page

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode #28-04/09/1993 State Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

Episode 28 has it all!!! “Miss You” by the Rolling Stones is a full blown jam. It segues beautifully into “Take Me to the River” which jams, and then segues into “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”. Then one of the greatest version of “The Wedge” ever played. Jazzy and Funky this is a must hear. We finish off with “The Great Gig in the Sky”. This soundcheck is awesome! Show Page Show Page

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode #27-03/28/1993 East Gym, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

The leader in the clubhouse for my favorite soundcheck so far! “The Wedge Jam” is barely the wedge and more a super cool groove. The “Dog Log” that follows is unlike any other. A 16 minute jam that is centered around the Beverly Hills Cop Theme or “Axel F”. Do NOT miss this Soundcheck! Show Page Show Page

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My Life As a Pez Song History by Charlie Dirksen

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #26-03/19/1993 The Greek Theatre, Redlands, California

It is time to get the Led out!!!! This soundcheck is some serious Zeppelin! “Dog Log” morphs into “Heartbreaker” and then Trey kicks off “Misty Mountain Hop”. ” Bang a Gong” is played for the first time ever and finishes off the soundcheck. I have included one of the most unique “Weekapaug Groove” ever for some bonus. Enjoy! Show Page Show Page


Greek Theatre at Redlands

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #25-03/14/1993 Paul Wright Gym, Western State College, Gunnison, CO

Episode 25!!!!! This show takes place in highest gymnasium in the world! “Loving Cup”, gets followed up by “Tales of Brave Ulysses->Sunshine of Your Love” and finishes with “Lifeboy”. I have included as the kids say a “dank” “Stash” that gets dark and then rips. Show Page Show Page

Paul Wright Gym

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #24-02/22/1993 The Moon, Tallahassee, FL

One of the most fun and unique soundchecks takes place in episode 24! “Guy Forget”!!!! A full run through and jam! After that the first time Phish ever tried to play “Nellie Kane”! “Sample in a Jar” finishes things off. This is Phish history people! I have also included “Guelah Papyrus>Secret Language Instructions>Guelah Papyrus” where Trey tries to teach the Florida noobs. Show Page Song History Guy Forget Show Page

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