The Daily Soundcheck Episode 50-08/03/1991 Larrabee Farm, A.K.A Amy’s Farm, Auburn, ME (“Poor Heart>Crimes of the Mind>Bitchin Again”)

Unreal! Right in the middle of The Daily Soundcheck a brand new soundcheck emerges! Episode 50 features the soundcheck from the legendary Amy’s Farm that was released on VHS by Matt Laurence 3 days ago! We have Todd Ahrens from on to talk about the show and then we play the soundcheck of “Poor Heart”, “Crimes of the Mind”, and “Bitchin Again” Show Page Show Page Amy’s Farm

Matt Laurence Vimeo Links for Amy’s Farm Sounchecks

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #48-08/13/1993 Murat Theatre, Indianapolis, IN (“Love Me Two Times>Indianapolis Soundcheck Jam>Ginseng Sullivan”)

Episode 48 brings a fun soundcheck from the legendary Murat Theatre! The soundcheck features the only performance of “Love Me Two Times”, the “Indianapolis Soundcheck Jam”, and a great 8 minute walk through of “Ginseng Sullivan”. The bonus track is the incredible Murat “Bathtub Gin>Ya Mar”. Show Page Show Page

Old National Centre

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode #47-05/08/1993 Field House, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH (“Shaggy Dog”)

We missed some soundchecks! We go back to 1993 and 05/08/1993 at University of New Hampshire and the set closer! The soundcheck is “Shaggy Dog” and although it is pretty standard are bonus tracks are pure fire! Included is “David Bowie->Jessica Jam->David Bowie->Have Mercy->David Bowie” and “Mike’s Song->Crossroads->Mike’s Song>I Am Hydrogen>Weekapaug Groove”. Get ready to rock! Show Page Show Page

UNH Field House

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode #45-08/13/1996 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN (“Spooky Jam”)

Welcome back! Episode 45 is another official soundcheck and features a 15 min “Spooky Jam”! Also included is the fantastic “Mike’s Song>Lifeboy>Weekapaug Grove”. Show Page


The Daily Soundcheck Episode #44-08/15/1996 The Clifford Ball, Plattsburgh Air Force Base, Plattsburgh, NY (Clifford Ball “Jam>Hold Your Head Up Jam>Jam>Jam”)

We have reached the first Phish Festival….The Clifford Ball!!!! A little bit about the grounds, the ball, and then the epic 53 min Clifford Ball Soundcheck! Show Page

Festival Wiki

Plattsburgh Air Force Base Wiki

Jambase Coverage Part 1

Part 2

Almost Doesn’t Go Down!

MTV Clifford Ball

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #43-12/07/1995 Niagara Falls Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY and 12/14/1995 Broome County Arena, Binghamton, NY (“Poor Hear>Free”)

Episode 43 features two of the most famous shows in Phish history. The Niagara Falls Soundcheck from 12/07/1995 has a cool “Poor Heart” played very slow and with some country loving. The 12/14/1995 Binghamton show has a classic version of “Free”. The bonus track is one of my all time favorite Phish jams. The Binghamton “Halley’s Comet->NICU”. Check out the Spotify Playlist below for the soundchecks.

Niagara Falls Show Page

Niagara Fall Show Page

Binghamton Show Page

Binghamton Show Page

Broome County Arena Wiki

Beliver.Com Trey Interview

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Broome County Arean

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #42-10/31/1995 Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL, 11/14/1995 University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL and 12/01/1995 Hershey Park Arena, Hershey, Pa (“Suzy Greenberg>Poor Heart>Dog Log”)

Three more Live Phish soundchecks are featured in Episode 42. 10/31/95 Rosemont has “Suzy Greenberg” with horns, 11/14/95 UCF Arena has a hilarious “Poor Heart” and the 12/1/95 Hershey Park Arena “Dog Log” . The Bonus is the incredible “Stash” from 11/14/1995 UCF. Make sure you check out the Spotify Playlist below for the soundchecks talked about below.

Rosemont Show Page

Rosemont Show Page

UCF Arena Show Page

UCF Arena Show Page

Hershey Park Arena Show Page

Hershey Park Arena Show Page

Rosemont Horizon










Hershey Park Arena