The Daily Soundcheck Episode #59-11/21/1997-11/23/1997, Hampton Coliseum, Hampton VA, and Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Winston-Salem, NC (“Hampton 97 Souncheck Jam” and “Back at the Chicken Shack”)

Hampton Winson-Salem 97! Two great soundcheck from the awesome box set. We have the “Hampton 97 Soundcheck Jam” and “Back at the Chicken Shack” from Winston-Salem. We jam, we bring the blues and we finish with the beastly “Halley’s Comet” from the second night of Hampton. Monster show. Show Page Hampton 1 Show Page Hampton 2 Show Page Winston-Salem
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Keith Richards Crushing Dude with Guitar

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #58-11/16/1997 McNichols Arena, Denver, CO (“Saw It Again”)

Episode 58 comes the day before of one of Phish’s most famous shows. 11/16/97 is a pretty cool show in its own right and the soundcheck is a fun “Saw it Again”. Included in the intro is the rocking “Izabella” and we feature the killer “Timber->Simple” to open the second set. Show Page

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode #57-07/30/1997 and 07/20/1998 Ventura County Fairgrounds, Ventura, CA (“97 Ventura Jam” and “98 Ventura Jam)

Episode 57 features two soundchecks released in the Ventura Box Set. One from 07/30/1997 and the other from 07/20/1998, Both Soundchecks are jams and the 98 soundcheck is something special. Included is a SMOKING Bathtub Gin from 98.

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LazyLightning55a video of Trey’s football story

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #56-07/22/1997 Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Raleigh, NC (“Limb by Limb”)

A short soundcheck coming from “From The Archives Vol. 12” gives us a nice run through of “Limb by Limb”. The real star of this show is one of the most epic storms to every hit a Phish show and you can hear it all during “Taste”. Also included is a killer “Mike’s Song>Simple->I am Hydrogen>Weekapaug Groove”. Show Page

Walnut Creek Amphitheater

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #55-07/06/1997 Spiaggia Di Rivoltella, Desenzano, Italy (Phish Karaoke Limbo)

Episode 55 brings you into the world of Phish Soundcheck karaoke limbo. This soundcheck is an all time moment. Crazy songs, and full audience karaoke with a full on limbo contest going down. “Samson Variation>Olivia’s Pool, Beauty of My Dreams, You Shook Me All Night Long, MMMBop, Another One Bites the Dust, And It Stone Me, Only Shallow, The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)”. Get ready for a wild time.

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Complete Youtube video of entire soundcheck

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode #54-07/05/1997 Piazza Risorgimento, Como, Italy (“Funky Bitch>Ginseng Sullivan”)

We are back to Europe 1997 and a rare one set free Phish show! This show is about as unknown as it gets from this time period and we get a great soundcheck from it. “Funky Bitch” is a type I 14 minute Funk throwdown that you won’t want to miss. The soundcheck closes with a great version of “Ginseng Sullivan”. The bonus track is “Twist” that has a full “Groove Is is in the Heart” jam that crushes. Show Page

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode 53-04/18/1992 Wilbur Field, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA (“Shaggy Dog>Blues Jam”)

Welcome Back!!! Twitter user @JustListeningAh found a soundcheck we missed so back to 1992! The soundcheck is “Shaggy Dog” and “Blues Jam” and is of excellent quality. This show is filled with gems and I play a great “Esther” a famous “Harry Hood” and a hilarious encore for you. Show Page Show Page






The Daily Soundcheck Episode #52-03/01/1997 Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany (“Attack on the Bass”)

When I started The Daily Soundcheck I was excited to bring some of the great soundchecks to the masses. This baby is certainly one of them. Mike plays his Quantum Modulus 5 string for the first time in this show (featured on “Slip, Stich, and Pass”) and it leads to the soundcheck “Attack on the Bass”. This 7 min free form jam is ass kicking and hilarious. It is everything Phish. Included is the legendary “Wolfman’s Brother” which goes deep for the first time. Show Page

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Markthalle Main Room

Markthalle Outside

The Elphi

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #51-12/06/1996 The The Aladdin Theatre, Las Vegas, NV (“Dog Log” over top of “Funky Bitch”)

The last soundcheck from 1996 is from the famous Vegas 96 show. We are treated to “Dog Log” but it is really the “Dog Log” lyrics over top of the music of “Funky Bitch”. It creates a cool mashup. Included is a great exploratory “Simple” that takes place in the middle of a great “Mike’s Groove”. Show Page

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode 50-08/03/1991 Larrabee Farm, A.K.A Amy’s Farm, Auburn, ME (“Poor Heart>Crimes of the Mind>Bitchin Again”)

Unreal! Right in the middle of The Daily Soundcheck a brand new soundcheck emerges! Episode 50 features the soundcheck from the legendary Amy’s Farm that was released on VHS by Matt Laurence 3 days ago! We have Todd Ahrens from on to talk about the show and then we play the soundcheck of “Poor Heart”, “Crimes of the Mind”, and “Bitchin Again” Show Page Show Page Amy’s Farm

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