The Daily Soundcheck Episode #24-02/22/1993 The Moon, Tallahassee, FL

One of the most fun and unique soundchecks takes place in episode 24! “Guy Forget”!!!! A full run through and jam! After that the first time Phish ever tried to play “Nellie Kane”! “Sample in a Jar” finishes things off. This is Phish history people! I have also included “Guelah Papyrus>Secret Language Instructions>Guelah Papyrus” where Trey tries to teach the Florida noobs. Show Page Song History Guy Forget Show Page

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1 thought on “The Daily Soundcheck Episode #24-02/22/1993 The Moon, Tallahassee, FL”

  • Come for the Guy Forget…and stay for the Guy Forget. I had only heard this song once before I think in a jammed out version from Dicks maybe (?). But this one starts with that low-key, laid back not-in-any-sort-of-rush vibe so common to Phish soundchecks with a very cool Mike bassline. And then this version is really all about Page, as he plays piano parts that just fit it great with this song, with a cool part starting around 12:25 that leaves some nice breaks for the lyrics. He then moves over to B-3 and the band kicks up the energy a bit all the while not letting go of the Guy Forget lyric . And as so many soundcheck songs do, it just ends abruptly and uneventfully, an aspect of these soundchecks that I just love. You never really know what you’re gonna get at a Phish show, but you REALLY never know what you’re gonna get a Phish soundcheck.

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