The Daily Soundcheck Episode #73-5/23/2000 Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY (“Mozambique>Driver x4>My Soul>Ginseng Sullivan x2>Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress>Funky Bit>Farmhouse>Jam”)

One of the more intimate shows in modern Phish, the 3,200 seat Roseland Ballroom was an incredibly tough ticket. Filmed for VH1 this soundcheck features fun takes on many classics. A thirteen song soundcheck with one of the coolest venue histories make this one fun episode! Show Page

Roseland Ballroom Wiki

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #71-09/22/1999 Pan American Center, Las Cruces, NM (“Dickie Scotland Song”)

The Las Cruces soundcheck features one of the funniest moments in soundcheck history with the “Dickie Scotland Song”. I chat with Pauly McGuire of @coventrymusic and @taopauly and he gives us the lay of the land in 1999 with some hilarious stories around this show. “La Grange” opens our show and the bonus track is killer show opening “2001”. Show Page

Pan Am Center Wiki

Coventry Music Blog

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #70-07/29/1999 Naeba Ski Resort, Niigata, Japan (“What’s The Use?”)

Episode 70 takes us to Japan and the legendary Fuji Rock Festival! I talk to Todd Ahrens who tells us what a unique experience it was. The “What’s The Use?” soundcheck is beyond gorgeous. I then get to play you one of my favorite “Ghost” for the bonus track. I love this episode! Show Page

Fuji Rock Festival Wiki

Todd Ahrens Back In My Page

LawnMemo’s Fuji Ghost Review

Todd’s Crowd Footage

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #69-07/10/1999 E Center, Camden, NJ (“Blue Bayou”)

The first show ever at Camden! It’s gone through many names, but one thing is for certain, Phish brings it whenever they play there! Jay Rose from Fear of a Craft Beer Planet tells a cool lot story and we get the rare performance of “Blue Bayou” for the soundcheck. The bonus is excellent set 2 opening “Tweezer>Mountains in the Mist”

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #68-11/27/1998 Worcester Centrum Centre, Worcester, MA (“Back at the Chicken Shack>Come On (Pt 1)>Wipe Out>Louie, Louie>Jam>Ginseng Sullivan>Funky Bitch>Jam>Barney Miller Theme”)

Episode 68 takes us to the famous “Wipe Out” show at The Centrum. The soundcheck is 9 tracks long and features rare cuts, some humor, and a sick 14 minute “Funky Bitch”. Revisit one of the most hallowed Phish venues and a truly special show. Show Page

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Phish – 12/28/10 DCU Center, Worcester, MA – Photo by Dave Vann © Phish 2010

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #67-12/07/1997 Ervin J. Nutter Center, Wright State University, Dayton, OH (“Boogie On Reggae Woman>Funky Bitch>I’ll Be Around>For No Reason Here’s Apu>Demand>My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own>The Stallion Pt. 3>The Rover>Limb By Limb”)

A new soundcheck surfaced!!! Right in the middle of my project we get a soundcheck from the legendary 12/07/1997 show at Dayton! And what a soundcheck it is! We have jams, humor, and just an all around awesome soundcheck. Praise Icculus! Included is the set one closing “Slave to the Traffic Light”. Show Page

Nutter Center History

For No Reason Here’s Apu Simpsons Link

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #65-08/14/1998 Loring Commerce Centre, Limestone, ME (“Lemonwheel Soundcheck”)

The incredible Lemonwheel soundcheck! Two unreal jams, some great blues tunes and great banter. “Jam>Ginseng Sullivan>Back at the Chicken Shack>Jam>She Caught the Katy and Left Me a Mule to Ride>Dog Log>Down Home Dirty Blues>I Gave My Love a Cherry>Please Send Me Someone to Love”. THOSE JAMS! Show Page

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode #64-08/08/1998 Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD (“If You Need a Fool>Shafty”)

In Episode 64 I am joined by Scott Bernstein of @yemblog and @jambase as he recalls this awesome show. We talk about his start and history of @yemblog and what makes this show and soundcheck so special. The intro is from “2001”, the soundcheck is “If You Need a Fool” and “Shafty”. The bonus track is the encore and debut of “Sabotage”. Show Page

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