The Daily Soundcheck Episode #37-06/181994 and 11/25/1994 UIC Pavilion, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

Episode 37 is a little different. We have reached our first official Live Phish soundcheck. I have linked the Spotify Playist of both of the Chicago 94 soundchecks. Since they are official they will not be included. 06/18/1994 features “All Things Reconsidered”, “How Many More Times”, and “Poor Heart” and 11/25/1994 features “Chicago ’94 Soundcheck Jam”, and “Dog Log”. Included in the podcast is a hilarious interview that took place the same day 06/18/1994 with Danny Bonaduce on 97.9 The Loop. Check out this link for the actual soundchecks. Show Page 06/18/1994 and 11/25/1994 Show Page 06/18/1994 and 11/25/1994

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #36-08/24/1993 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

It’s all about this jam!!! Episode 36 feature a 10 min opening “Jam” that is something special. Must hear. From there we get another take on “Leprechaun”, another outstanding “The Wedge” and finally a crazy “Funky Bitch”. Excellent soundcheck! Show Page Show Page

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode #35-08/17/1993 Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS

Hot DAMN Episode 35 brings the heat!! Don’t let the 12 min run time of this soundcheck fool you, this is awesome! “Jam->Shock the Monkey (Peter Gabriel)” and “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”. A killer killer jam. Bonus is an absolutely awesome “David Bowie”.                                   Show Page Show Page

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode #34-07/18/1993 IC Light Amphitheater, Pittsburgh, PA

Episode 34 is so much fun! “Buffalo Bill”, the beginnings of “Guyute” (which wouldn’t be played for another 15 months), “Pungee->Dude of Life Medley”, “Train Medley”, “Funky Bitch”, and “Bass Jam”. This baby has jams, rarities, and medleys! Show Page Show Page

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #32-05/05/1993 Palace Theatre, Albany, NY

Episode 32 brings a raw cut of “Give a Little Bit” and then some great stuff during “Poor Heart Blues” which all works in “Funky Bitch Blues”. The Soundcheck ends with a nice version of “Brother”. The bonus track is “Cavern>Take the “A” Train>Cavern” encore. Show Page Show Page

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode #30-04/29/1993 Le Spectrum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Finally in episode 30 we have our first all jam soundcheck! The “Reggae Jam” is a 16 minute smooth as hell groove. I have included the “Run Like an Antelope” from this show that will type 2 you for a bit then rip your face off. Show Page Show Page


The Daily Soundcheck Episode #29-04/17/1993 Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI

Episode 29 is a bit on the wild side! A 4 min intro from “YEM” kicks things off. The soundcheck has a ton of music from The Who. “I Can’t Explain” is followed by “I Can See For Miles” and “Sparks”. The Soundcheck concludes with “L.A Woman”. I get into some serious bonus material with “I Didn’t Know” from the following night at the Michigan Theater where fans and crew are brought on stage to talk about what they though about the previous night encore. This is some of the funniest banter in Phish history! Show Page 04/17/1993 Show Page 04/18/1993 Show Page

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode #28-04/09/1993 State Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

Episode 28 has it all!!! “Miss You” by the Rolling Stones is a full blown jam. It segues beautifully into “Take Me to the River” which jams, and then segues into “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”. Then one of the greatest version of “The Wedge” ever played. Jazzy and Funky this is a must hear. We finish off with “The Great Gig in the Sky”. This soundcheck is awesome! Show Page Show Page

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