The Daily Soundcheck Episode #76-06/15/2000 Big Cat, Chuo-ka, Osaka, Japan (“Heavy Things>Uncle Pen>The Happy Whip and Dung Song>Windora Bug”)

So how do you follow up one of the most legendary Phish shows of all time? Well the next night you play only 14 songs TOTAL! Among those are all time versions of “Ghost” and “DWD” and a great “YEM”. Dave Calarco aka Mr. Miner is back with me to try and break it all down. The soundcheck includes a rare version of “The Happy Whip and Dung” and a hilarious look behind what was going on with the Phish stage crew taking place in “Windora Bug”. Show Page

LawnMemo’s Ghost Review

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #75-6/14/2000 Drum Logos, Fukuoaka, Japan Part 2B Redux Electric Boogaloo Revisited Continued Sequel Reprise (“Live and Let Die>Bond Themes>Windora Bug>Mic Check>Funky Bitch”)

I wished in Episode 75 that the rest of the Drum Logos Soundcheck would be released someday. Well my wish was granted! Apparently it was circulating from an old version of the spreadsheet and Michael Callahan @mjcallahan7 on Twitter sent me the rest! So here ya go! Get ready to laugh, this soundcheck is bonkers. James Bond themes and stories about Pete Carini and Fishman’s drum kit.

Carini History


The Daily Soundcheck Episode #74-06/13/2000 Club Quattro Naka-ku, Nagoya, Japan (“Ginseng Sullivan>Jam>Crossroads>Say My Name>O Yeah!”)

We have ventured into Japan! I’ve brought along my friend Dave Calarco aka Mr. Miner to help me navigate! Dave attended the entire run and will be my guest for the next five episodes giving a first hand account on these unique shows. In this episode Dave’s recaps the first 3 Japan shows and then we talk about the 6/13/2000 Club Quatrro show. The soundcheck is fun with “Ginseng Sullivan” a spacey “Jam”, an awesome “Crossroads” and some crazy Phish in “Say My Name>O Yeah!”.

Mr. Miner’s Archived Essay on Japan

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The Daily Soundcheck Episode #73-5/23/2000 Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY (“Mozambique>Driver x4>My Soul>Ginseng Sullivan x2>Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress>Funky Bit>Farmhouse>Jam”)

One of the more intimate shows in modern Phish, the 3,200 seat Roseland Ballroom was an incredibly tough ticket. Filmed for VH1 this soundcheck features fun takes on many classics. A thirteen song soundcheck with one of the coolest venue histories make this one fun episode! Show Page

Roseland Ballroom Wiki

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #71-09/22/1999 Pan American Center, Las Cruces, NM (“Dickie Scotland Song”)

The Las Cruces soundcheck features one of the funniest moments in soundcheck history with the “Dickie Scotland Song”. I chat with Pauly McGuire of @coventrymusic and @taopauly and he gives us the lay of the land in 1999 with some hilarious stories around this show. “La Grange” opens our show and the bonus track is killer show opening “2001”. Show Page

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Coventry Music Blog

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #70-07/29/1999 Naeba Ski Resort, Niigata, Japan (“What’s The Use?”)

Episode 70 takes us to Japan and the legendary Fuji Rock Festival! I talk to Todd Ahrens who tells us what a unique experience it was. The “What’s The Use?” soundcheck is beyond gorgeous. I then get to play you one of my favorite “Ghost” for the bonus track. I love this episode! Show Page

Fuji Rock Festival Wiki

Todd Ahrens Back In My Page

LawnMemo’s Fuji Ghost Review

Todd’s Crowd Footage

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #69-07/10/1999 E Center, Camden, NJ (“Blue Bayou”)

The first show ever at Camden! It’s gone through many names, but one thing is for certain, Phish brings it whenever they play there! Jay Rose from Fear of a Craft Beer Planet tells a cool lot story and we get the rare performance of “Blue Bayou” for the soundcheck. The bonus is excellent set 2 opening “Tweezer>Mountains in the Mist”

The Daily Soundcheck Episode #68-11/27/1998 Worcester Centrum Centre, Worcester, MA (“Back at the Chicken Shack>Come On (Pt 1)>Wipe Out>Louie, Louie>Jam>Ginseng Sullivan>Funky Bitch>Jam>Barney Miller Theme”)

Episode 68 takes us to the famous “Wipe Out” show at The Centrum. The soundcheck is 9 tracks long and features rare cuts, some humor, and a sick 14 minute “Funky Bitch”. Revisit one of the most hallowed Phish venues and a truly special show. Show Page

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Phish – 12/28/10 DCU Center, Worcester, MA – Photo by Dave Vann © Phish 2010